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Digital Artist and Designer

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This online gallery is a showcase of Digital Artwork, Paintings and Designs by visual artist Simon Williamson who has been creating computer art since the early 1990s and has an in-depth knowledge of the medium. More recently Simon has returned to painting, now with acrylic paint on canvas. These works mainly consist of faith subjects with a modern twist.
Simon would be interested in exhibition opportunities in the UK. Please email
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“Contemplation” is the first in a series of five paintings on the theme of Advent. The narrative is “The young teenage Mary sits alone, contemplating Gabriel’s message and its consequences”. This image was inspired by the way Otto Dix portrays Mary in his painting “Annunciation” . The
are the product of a series of workshops that Simon ran on the theme of Advent. It was his aim to re-visualise the Advent story using a modern visual interpretation.
Simon has also just finished a further series of four paintings on the theme of Parables. The forth painting titled “A House Built on the Sand” can be seen below.
A House Built on the Sand
Contemplation by Simon Williamson
Acrylic and metallic rubbing paste on canvas
39.5 x 27cm, 2022